World Masters Hockey and England Hockey are pleased to announce the official schedule for the Men’s and Women’s Over-35 and Over-40 World Cups, which will be held in Nottingham between the 8th – 17th August 2020.

Any amendments to the schedule will be published here.

Saturday 8th August 2020

TimePitch 1Pitch 2Pitch 3Pitch 4
9:0035W (B) ESP v RSA35W (A) NED v SCO40W (C) AUS v SCO40W (A) ESP v CHL
11:0035W (B) GER v FRA35W (A) NZL v IRE40W (C) IRE v WAL40W (A) NZL v CAN
13:0035W (B) USA v ARG35W (A) SRL v WAL40W (D) NED v FRA40W (B) RSA v SRL
17:0040M (A) GER v MAS40M (D) FRA v OMA40W (D) GER v USA40W (B) ZIM v GHA
19:0040M (A) RSA v GHA40M (D) USA v IRE
Bye35W (A) ENG40W (A) ARG40M (A) ESP
35W (B) AUS40W (B) ENG
Rest35M (A), (B) & (C)40M (B) & (C)

Sunday 9th August 2020

9:0035M (B) ENG v NZL35M (A) RSA v ESP35M (C) GER v NED40M (B) ENG v SRL
11:0035M (B) SCO v WAL35M (A) AUS v SRL35M (C) IRE v ARG40M (B) WAL v NZL
13:0035W (B) RSA v AUS40W (B) SRL v ENG40W (A) CHL v ARG40M (A) MAS v ESP
15:0035W (A) SCO v ENG40W (B) RSA v GHA40W (A) ESP v CAN40M (A) GER v GHA
17:0035W (A) IRE v NED40W (D) USA v NED35W (B) FRA v ESP40W (C) WAL v AUS
19:0035W (A) NZL v WAL40W (D) FRA v GER35W (B) GER v ARG40W (C) SCO v IRE
Bye35W (A) SRL40W (A) NZL40M (A) RSA
35W (B) USA40W (B) ZIM
Rest40M (C) & (D)

Monday 10th August 2020

9:0040M (D) OMA v USA40M (C) ARG v ITA40W (B) GHA v SRL40W (B) ENG v ZIM
11:0040M (D) IRE v FRA40M (C) AUS v SCO40W (A) CAN v CHL35M (A) ESP v AUS
13:0040M (B) NZL v ENG40M (A) GHA v MAS40W (A) ARG v NZL35M (A) SRL v RSA
15:0040M (B) SRL v WAL40M (A) ESP v RSA35W (A) NZL v SRL35W (B) ARG v ESP
17:0035M (C) ARG v GER35M (B) WAL v ENG35W (A) WAL v NED35W (B) GER v USA
19:0035M (C) NED v IRE35M (B) NZL v SCO35W (A) IRE v ENG35W (B) FRA v AUS
Bye35W (A) SCO40W (A) ESP40M (A) GER
35W (B) RSA40W (B) RSA
Rest40W (C) & (D)

Tuesday 11th August 2020

9:0040W (D) USA v FRA40M (B) NZL v SRL40M (A) MAS v RSA
11:0040W (D) NED v GER40M (B) ENG v WAL40M (A) ESP v GER40M (D) IRE v OMA
13:0040W (C) WAL v SCO35W (A) IRE v SCO35W (B) FRA v RSA40M (D) FRA v USA
15:0040W (C) AUS v IRE35W (A) NED v SRL35W (B) ARG v AUS40M (C) SCO v ARG
17:0040W (B) ENG v RSA35W (A) WAL v ENG35W (B) ESP v USA40M (C) ITA v AUS
19:0040W (B) SRL v ZIM40W (A) CHL v NZL40W (A) ARG v ESP
Bye35W (A) NZL40W (A) CAN40M (A) GHA
35W (B) GER40W (B) GHA
Rest35M (A), (B) & (C)

Wednesday 12th August 2020

11:0035M (A) ESP v SRL35M (C) ARG v NED35M (B) WAL v NZL
13:0035M (A) AUS v RSA35M (C) GER v IRE35M (B) ENG v SCO
15:0040M (C) SCO v ITA40M (A) GHA v ESP35 M (A,B,C) 3rd S/O
17:0040M (C) ARG v AUS40M (A) RSA v GER
Bye40M (A) MAS
Rest35W (A) & (B)40W (A), (B), (C) & (D)40M (B) & (D)

Thursday 13th August 2020

TimePitch 1Pitch 2Pitch 3Pitch 4
9:0040W (A) CAN v ARG35W (B) AUS v GER40W (B) ZIM v RSA
11:0040W (A) NZL v ESP35W (B) USA v RSA40W (B) GHA v ENG35M (E) S/O 3 v 4A
13:0035M (D) Q/F1 2A v 2C40M (F) 3A v 3D35W (B) ARG v FRA35M (E) 4C v 4B
15:0035M (D) Q/F2 1C v 2B40M (F) 3B v 3C35W (A) ENG v NZL40M (G) 5A v 4D
17:0035M (D) Q/F3 S/O 2 v 1BCOURSES35W (A) SRL v SCO40M (G) 4C v 4A
19:0035M (D) Q/F4 1A v S/O 135W (A) WAL v IRE
Bye35W (A) NED40W (A) CHL40M (G) 4B
35W (B) ESP40W (B) SRL
Rest40W (C) & (D)40M (E)

Friday 14th August 2020

9:0040M (E) Q/F1 2C v 1D40W (E) Q/F1 2C v 1D40W (F) Q/F1 4C v 3D35W (B) USA v FRA
11:0040M (E) Q/F2 1C v 2D40W (E) Q/F2 1C v 2D40W (F) Q/F2 3C v 4D35W (B) GER v RSA
13:0040M (E) Q/F3 2A v 1B40W (E) Q/F3 2A v 1B40W (F) Q/F3 4A v 3B35W (B) AUS v ESP
15:0040M (E) Q/F4 1A v 2B40W (E) Q/F4 1A v 2B40W (F) Q/F4 3A v 4B35W (A) SRL v IRE
17:0035M (D) S/F7 W4 v W135M (D) S/F5 L1 v L440W (G) 5th A v 5th B35W (A) ENG v NED
19:0035M (D) S/F8 W3 v W235M (D) S/F6 L2 v L340 M (G) 4B v 4A35W (A) NZL v SCO
Bye35W (A) WAL40M 5A, 4C, 4D
35W (B) ARG
Rest35M (E)40M (F)

Saturday 15th August 2020

9:0035W (B) ARG v RSA40W (F) S/F5 L1 v L440W (E) S/F5 L1 v L440M (F) 3C v 3A
11:0035W (B) AUS v USA40W (F) S/F6 L2 v L340W (E) S/F6 L2 v L340M (F) 3D v 3B
13:0035W (B) ESP v GERYouth Umpire Course & Masters Dev Course40W (E) S/F7 W4 v W140W (F) S/F7 W4 v W1
15:0035W (A) NED v NZL40W (E) S/F8 W3 v W240W (F) S/F8 W3 v W2
17:0035W (A) WAL v SCO40M (E) S/F5 L1 v L440M (E) S/F7 W4 v W135M (E) 4B v S/O 3
19:0035W (A) ENG v SRL40M (E) S/F6 L2 v L340M (E) S/F8 W3 v W235M (E) 4A v 4C
Bye35W (A) IRE
35W (B) FRA
Rest40W (G)35M (D)40M (G)

Sunday 16th August 2020

9:0040W (G) 5th B v 5th A40M (G) 4D v 4C35M (D) Class 7&8 L5 v L6
11:0040W (E) Class 7&8 L5 v L640M (G) 4B v 5A35M (D) Class 5&6 W6 v W5
13:0040W (E) Class 5&6 W6 v W5EXHIBITION MATCH40W (F) Class 15&16 L5 v L635W Class 13&14 7A v 7B
15:0040M (E) Class 7&8 L5 v L635M (E) 4B v 4A40W (F) Class 13&14 W6vW535W Class 11&12 6A v 6B
17:0040M (E) Class 5&6 W6 v W535M (E) S/O 3 v 4C40W (F) Class 11&12 L8 v L735W Class 9&10 5A v 5B
19:0040M (F) 3A v 3B40M (F) 3C v 3D40W (F) Class 9&10 W7vW835W Class 7&8 4Av4B
Bye40M (G) 4A
Rest35W Class 1-640W (E) Class 1-435M (D) Class 1-440M (E) Class 1-4

Monday 17th August 2020

9:0040W (E) Final 1&2 W7 v W840M (E) Class 3&4 L8 v L79:00 40M (G) 4B v 4C9:00 40M (G) 4A v 4D
11:3040M (E) Final 1&2 W7 v W840W (E) Class 3&4 L8 v L711:00 35M(E)Class 3&4 L8vL711:00 35W Class 5&6 3Av3B
14:0035M (E) Final 1&2 W7 v W835W Class 3&4 2A v 2B
16:3035W Final 1&2 1A v 1B
Bye40M 5A

Closing ceremony


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